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Rainier Oregon Stake

Member-Missionary Journal

By Laurie H. Fifield

And if it so be that you … bring … one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy (D&C 18:15).

Tuesday, September 27

We had a busy weekend. Dad talked with Mrs. Thompson Saturday morning, and she said she couldn’t wait till Tuesday. So the missionaries came that night and the next night, and tonight too. And she asked to be baptized! Heavenly Father answered our prayers, even though it wasn’t the way I expected. The Browns are still our friends, and maybe someday they’ll want to learn about the Church and get baptized too. I hope so. Meanwhile, I’ve already written to tell Nancy the good news about Mrs. Thompson. I guess I know a little about how she feels being a missionary. It feels GREAT!

Friday, September 23

I felt sad all day because the Browns don’t want to listen to the missionaries. Then this afternoon the most amazing thing happened! I went to Mrs. Thompson’s house to rake leaves again. While I was raking, she came out with some milk and cookies for me, and we sat down on the porch. We started talking about families. She thinks our family is pretty special. I told her that Mom and Dad were married in the Washington Temple and that that means we’ll be together forever. She got tears in her eyes and asked me if there was a way she could learn more about being married forever. I said, “Sure—just come over to our house next Tuesday, and the missionaries will teach you.” And she’s going to come!

Thursday, September 22

Dad invited the Browns to hear the missionary discussions next week. They said no. I was sure that they’d come—they’d be great Latter-day Saints! Now what do we do?

Monday, September 19

The Browns came over for family home evening again tonight. Mom gave a great lesson about loving our neighbors. I made the treats—graham crackers with chocolate frosting!

Sunday, September 18

More and Dad and I fasted today, even though it wasn’t fast Sunday. Dad says that if we fast, we’ll be able to get closer to Heavenly Father and He’ll help us in our missionary work . I hope so—Barbi still couldn’t come to Primary.

Saturday, September 17

Activity day was called “Peace Among All Nations Day,” and Barbi got to carry the Italian flag to represent Europe. I think she had fun. I sure did!

Friday, September 16

More and Dad took Mr. and Mrs. Brown to the ward dinner party tonight. It was just for adults, so Barbi and I stayed home and made posters for our clubhouse.

Thursday, September 15

Barbi is going to go with me to the activity day!

Wednesday, September 14

We pray about our missionary work lots of times every day. I know that we need Heavenly Father’s help if we are going to be good missionaries. Barbi and I built a clubhouse in the backyard after school. She said she’d like to come to the activity day on Saturday, but she needs to ask her parents.

Monday, September 12

We checked out a video from the ward library and watched it at family home evening. It’s called “Our Heavenly Father’s Plan.” I’m pretty sure that my sister shows it to her new investigators. (Those are people who want to know more about the Church.) I’m learning a lot about being a missionary!

Sunday, September 11

I invited Barbi to go to Primary with me today. She couldn’t go because she was going to visit her grandma. Maybe next week. We’re having a Primary activity day on Saturday. I’m going to invite Barbi.

Saturday, September 10

I wrote a letter to Nancy today. She’ll be happy about our missionary work. I wonder how she gets people to teach on her mission.

Friday, September 9

Tonight was great! More and Dad showed them the slides, and we ate lots of popcorn. I think the Browns had a good time. After they left, we had a family prayer. I felt really good about our missionary work. I think we’re going to have someone ready to listen to the missionaries. Maybe it’ll be the Browns!

Thursday, September 8

Dad and I raked leaves for Mrs. Thompson across the street. She’s old and can’t do it for herself. Dad says that doing things for other people is part of missionary work. I think it made her happy. Her husband died last summer, so she needs help with some things, I guess she’s lonely too.

Wednesday, September 7

Dad invited the Browns to look at the slides from our camping trip to Maine last summer and have popcorn with us on Friday. They live next door, and Barbi Brown is my best friend. It would be great if they got baptized!

Tuesday, September 6

When I said my prayers this morning, I said a special prayer for our missionary work. I hope I can get one of my friends to join the Church. We need more girls in my Primary class!

Monday, September 5

Wow—we’ve decided to work as a family to have someone ready to hear the missionary discussions. The meetings will be right here at our house. Dad says that we don’t even have to know who that person is right now. We just need to pray, have faith, and do everything we can to help as many people as we can to know about the Church. If we do, Heavenly Father will help us.

Sunday, September 4

My sister Nancy is on a mission, and she says I, Erin Christensen, should start writing a journal, so here it is.

Today President Schultz spoke in church. He’s our stake president. Mom and Dad got really excited about his talk. It was about the rewards of being member missionaries. More says we’ll talk about it in family home evening tomorrow.

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Nine-Year-Old Member Missionary

By Ashley Callister, age 9

Merced First Ward Merced California Stake

Listen to the still small voice! (Children’s Songbook, page 107.)

A wonderful lady in my town served as an elementary school principal for several years. She was the principal for all of my six brothers and sisters. One night she came to our house for a meeting. She was running for supervisor of our county. After the meeting I asked her if she had a Book of Mormon. She told me that she didn’t have one, but she would like one.

Three weeks later I went to a missionary fireside. The missionaries told me to take a Book of Mormon and give it to a nonmember friend. I took one but didn’t know who to give it to. Then the Holy Ghost whispered to me the name of the principal who had been at my house.

I told my dad that I wanted to take the Book of Mormon to her. I marked in it one of my favorite scriptures—1 Nephi 3:7 [1 Ne. 3:7]. Dad took me to her house after the fireside, and I gave it to her.

A month later, when the missionaries came to our house for dinner, they asked me if I knew anyone that they could visit. I told them about the nice lady I had given the Book of Mormon to. I told them her name, phone number, and address.

The next time the missionaries came to dinner, they said that they had visited the woman I’d told them about, and they had a feeling that someday she would join the Church!

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How can I be a missionary now?

Quentin L. Cook

Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Adapted from “Be a Missionary All Your Life,” Ensign, Sept. 2008, 44–49.

Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles shares some of his thoughts on this subject.
  1. Overcome feelings that make you afraid to share the gospel..
  2. Do not be discouraged.
  3. Be a good example and take every opportunity to share the gospel.

My specific challenge to each of you is to make a commitment to be a missionary for the rest of your life. There are many among your friends who would respond to the gospel if you would have the faith to share the message of the Restoration with them.

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Being Like a Missionary

The message missionaries share with people about Heavenly Father’s plan for us has always been the same. Enoch was a prophet before Jesus was born on earth. The Lord asked him to share the gospel, as missionaries do today. Color the picture of Enoch. Then draw missionary clothing on Tanner to show what missionaries look like today.


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What Can I Do to Be a Missionary?

By Julie Wardell

Here are twenty-five things you can do to be a missionary. Make a check by an item each time you do it during the month of November. During family home evening, try challenging family members to do some of the items from the list

    1. 1.Memorize at least one scripture every week this month.
    1. 2.Invite nonmember friends to come to your home after school to play.
    1. 3.Start, or add to, your missionary fund.
    1. 4.Tell someone the Joseph Smith story.
    1. 5.Write letter to missionary.
    1. 6.Offer to do service without pay for nonmember neighbor.
    1. 7.Pray morning and night.
    1. 8.Memorize hymn from the Church hymnbook.
    1. 9.Learn to fix flat tire on bike.
    1. 10.Attend Church meetings and listen well.
    1. 11.Obey Word of Wisdom.
    1. 12.Attend friend’s baptism.
    1. 13.Pray for missionaries.
    1. 14.Learn to mend your clothing and sew on buttons.
    1. 15.Say hello to two new people at school.
    1. 16.Read “A Very Good Day” in Friend, October 1984, page 2.
    1. 17.Give someone Book of Mormon with your testimony written inside.
    1. 18.Learn to do your own laundry.
    1. 19.Suggest that nonmember or inactive family be invited to family home evening.
    1. 20.Learn to play and sing “I Want to Be a Missionary Now” (Friend, October 1984, page 46).
    1. 21.Bear your testimony in sacrament meeting.
    1. 22.Share Friend magazine with someone.
    1. 23.Give referrals of nonmembers to missionaries.
    1. 24.Find out why Paul of Tarsus was such a good missionary.
    1. 25.Set good example by being honest.

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