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Rainier Oregon Stake

Christmas Thanks

by Solveig Paulson Russell

Dear Father, on this Christmas Day
I thank Thee for the Child who lay
In a stable long ago.
And I thank Thee that the glow
Of light and love about Him then
Still is felt and known to men.
I thank Thee that this season brings
Remembrance of the King of kings
And of the star and angel throngs
And peace expressed in heavenly songs.
I thank Thee too for every way
Thy love has blessed us on this day.
Friend 1972

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Christmas Heralds

by Lois Anne Williams

Candles with their sparkling glow
Tell of Christ born long ago.
Chiming bells that gaily ring
Tell us of the infant King.
Evergreens trimmed bright and gay
Tell of Christ’s eternal way.
Christmas joys we hear and see
Tell that Christ loves you and me.

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The Best Present

 by Wanda B. Blaisdell

I love the gifts that Christmas brings
In boxes big and small—
Tied up with sparkly bows and bells;
But what is best of all …
Is seeing love and thankfulness
In smiles and shining eyes,
When each one in my family
Opens up his gift surprise!
Friend 1071

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by Amanda Spencer

Mince pie and mistletoe,
And merriment and mints,
And decorated mantels,
And whispered Christmas hints;
Folks with bulging packages,
And children quick to smile—
All tell that Christmas will be here
In just a little while.
So hurry with the shopping,
And hang the garlands high,
And shine the house with gladness
As the days go rushing by.
Bring in the tree for trimming—
Make it happy, bright, and gay,
And thank the Lord for sending us
The Babe on Christmas Day.
Friend 1971

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The Donkey

by Milo Mills

The donkey stood in his stall that night
And blinked at the glory of heavenly light
That filled the stable where Jesus lay.
And he heard the voices of angels say,
“Glory to God in the highest! Peace to men!”
And then all about, again, and again,
The heavenly hosts sang; and the donkey’s ear
Twitched in wonder of those so near:
The Mother Mary, Joseph, the Child—
The Precious Savior, tiny and mild.
The donkey stood in his stall, and he
Was privileged to see the majesty
Of a Savior King, God’s own Son.
Oh, wasn’t he lucky to be one
Of the creatures bathed in golden light
When Christ was born on Christmas night!
Friend 1971

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Christmas Stars

Stars in the winter sky,
Stars in the Christmas tree,
Stars in the Christmas lights
Twinkle joyously.
Stars on the paper wrappings,
Stars in the cookie dough,
Stars shaped for candles—
And stars in eyes that glow
With happy expectation
And joy that Christ’s own star
Still is a shining beacon
For glad hearts near and far.
by Solveig Paulson Russell
Friend 1971

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Respect His Name

By Lance McDowell, age 6

Spencer Branch Sioux City Iowa Stake

Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain (Ex. 20:7).

My name is Lance McDowell. I am six years old and live in Spencer, Iowa. My family likes to study the scriptures together. We read them and talk about what they mean. One of the people I’ve enjoyed reading about is the prophet Moses. The Lord gave the Ten Commandments to us through him. One of the commandments says that we should not take the name of God in vain. My family decided that one way to obey this commandment is to always speak His name reverently.

Some of my friends in school use Heavenly Father’s name in vain. It had always bothered me, but now I thought about it even more. I wondered what I could do about it. I wanted my friends to know that Heavenly Father is special. I decided to ask my mom and dad about it. I wanted to say something to my friends, but I was afraid that they would be mad at me and not play with me anymore. My parents told me two stories that helped a lot.

My mom told me about when she was in school. She wasn’t a member of the Church and didn’t know a lot about Heavenly Father’s commandments. She used His name in vain sometimes without thinking much about it. One day a girl told her that it really upset her when she heard Mom use His name that way, and she asked Mom to stop it. Mom thought about it and made a promise to herself to never use God’s name in vain again. She said she has always been grateful to that girl for standing up for the right.

My parents also told me about one of our modern prophets, President Spencer W. Kimball, who had to have an operation. When he was being taken to the operating room, one of the people helping him used the Lord’s name irreverently. Even though he didn’t feel well, President Kimball said, “Don’t say that. He’s my friend.”

After hearing that, I decided I would try to be like those I had heard about and stand up for the right. The next day at school when I heard one of my friends say something bad, I asked him not to say it anymore. I was still afraid, but it turned out OK. He agreed and is still my friend. I felt good inside because I had done the right thing, just like Jesus always did.

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Sharing with Barbara

By Hayden Hemenway Harman, age 8

Hillcrest Ward Mesa Arizona Citrus Heights Stake

For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat (Matt. 25:35).

One day a stranger came to our door. She introduced herself as Barbara and told us that she was looking for household work so that she could pay her power bill. My mother invited her in and listened to her. Mother told her that we didn’t have much money but that we would share what we had. Mother asked if she would clean a window to earn some money. While she was cleaning, we talked to her and found out that she had three young children and no job and had just recently moved from another city.

As she cleaned the window, we felt impressed that she needed some clothes, toys, and food for her children. My little sister, my mother, and I began preparing a box for her to take home. I put some of my toys in the box for the children. I wanted to give something more, so I decided to give her the money that I had been saving for a toy that I really wanted, money I had earned by working at my Grandpa Brown’s house.

I also wanted to share the gospel with her. I knew it would help her. It is so important to my life, and I knew it could help her family, too. I gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon and explained that we belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I bore my testimony. I taught her the plan of salvation, using a chart that I had. She listened and took the Book of Mormon.

After some lunch, Barbara left. My mother read Matthew 25:34–40 [Matt. 25:34–40] to my little sister and me and told us that when we helped Barbara, it was as if we had done those things to the Savior. I felt the Spirit, and I knew that I had done something that Jesus would have done for another.

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Thomas S Monson

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