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Rainier Oregon Stake

Reverent Hands

By Paula J. Lewis

To prepare these hands to help you give a reverence lesson in family home evening or a talk in Primary, you will need: a pencil, three 8 1/2″ x 11″ (22 cm x 28 cm) pieces of colored paper, scissors, glue, and the pictures on this page.

  1. 1.Trace your hand twice on each piece of paper, then cut them out.
  2. 2.From this page, cut out the six pictures along the heavy black lines, and glue one on each paper hand.
  3. 3.Use these reverent hands in family home evening or Primary to tell and show how we can be reverent in church.

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Poem about eyes, ears, touch, smell and taste


By Kim Howey

My eyes can see the stars
When the sky is dark and clear.
My ears can hear my cat
As she purrs beneath my ear.
My hands can touch a book,
Each page a dream, a wish.
My mouth can taste a pepper
That spices up my dish.
My nose can smell a lilac,
Its subtle scent so sweet.
My heart can know the Savior,
That one day we will meet.

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My Wonderful Senses

By Amber Leigh Greyson

Ten little fingers, ten little toes,
(Wiggle fingers then wiggle toes)
Two eyes, two ears,
(Point to eyes and then ears)
One mouth, and one nose.
(Point to mouth and then nose)
My ten little fingers are busy all day
(Hold up fingers)
Touching and feeling as they work and play.
(Wiggle fingers in air)
My ten little toes like to feel things too—
(Point to feet)
Thick soft grass and very wet muddy goo.
(Make walking motion with feet and pretend to step in mud)
My two eyes see things wherever I turn.
(Point to eyes and turn head back and forth)
My two ears listen and help me learn.
(Cup hands around ears as if to listen)
My mouth helps me taste and talk and sing.
(Point to mouth)
My wonderful nose smells everything.
(Point to nose and take a big sniff)

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All Things Bright and Beautiful

Pat Graham, “Sharing Time: ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’,” Friend, Nov 1988, 44

We live in a beautiful world that our Heavenly Father planned for us. The word God is a title, and when we say that God created the earth, we mean that Heavenly Father, or God the Father, planned the creation and that Jesus Christ, or God the Son, carried out those plans. (See Moses 1–3; D&C 14:9.)

Some of our songs say that God created the earth, and some say that the Lord God made the earth. The creation is clearly described in the Pearl of Great Price, and we can be grateful that we have latter-day scripture to help us understand the purpose of the earth and how it was created.

This activity can help you appreciate the wonder of the creation.


1. Color and cut out pictures.

2. Place pictures on flannel board or long roll of paper as you sing “All Things Bright and Beautiful” (Sing with Me, B-89).

Sharing Time Ideas

1. Ask children to draw each object in song. Have them print their names under their drawings; cut around names and pictures. Mount all drawings of same object on sheet of poster board. Arrange pictures in order; have children hold them up as song is sung, or assemble and display as flip-chart as song is sung.

2. Discuss interesting facts about each object, such as formation of rocks and mountains, growth of seed into tree, life cycle of butterfly, to help children appreciate intricacies of our world. Encourage children to share what they know.

Read Moses 1–3, and look in Index for other references on Creation.

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Lesson 17: I Am Thankful for My Hands

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