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Lehi Obeys God

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Illustrated by Beth M. Whittaker

“Lehi Obeys God,” Friend, Feb 1992, 5

Lehi, as he went forth prayed unto the Lord, yea, even with all his heart (1 Ne. 1:5).

I feel reverent when I pray.

Lehi prayed for his people.

Read: 1 Nephi 1; 2:2–7 [1 Ne. 1; 1 Ne. 2:2–7]

Instructions:Color the figures, and mount them on heavy paper; then cut out the figures and glue pieces of flannel on the backs. Read the scriptures listed, then retell the Book of Mormon story using the figures.

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Lesson 5: Lehi and His Family Are Led through the Wilderness

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Illustrated by Jocelyn Parmer

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Search the Scriptures



As you read the scriptures this month, color the space(s) in the picture with that day’s date. When the page is completed, add it to your Book of Peace.

Judy Edwards, “Sharing Time: Search the Scriptures,” Friend, Aug 1994, 36

In an October general conference, Sister Grassli, the Primary General President, reported: “Nine-year-old Matt spoke in church about something he had learned from the scriptures that brought him peace. He said, ‘When my father told our family that we would be moving from Denver to Wisconsin, my mother reminded us of Lehi’s family. Like them, I was leaving the only home I had known, all my friends, my school, my ward. Luckily we were able to bring all our possessions with us, though they were in storage for three months, and we missed having a house and our “precious things.”

“ ‘My mother reminded us of how Nephi accepted this challenge—willingly—knowing that the Lord would “prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them” (See 1 Ne. 3:7.)

“ ‘I have learned that I can do without things, but not without my family. My brotheres and sisters and I have tried to be more like Nephi than his complaining brothers. I am grateful for the things that the Book of Mormon teaches us.’ ” (Ensign, November 1988, page 79.)

Matt was comforted by the story of Lehi’s family from the Book of Mormon. As you read or listen to stories from the scriptures, which of the stories bring you peace?



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Sharing Time: Compass of Faith

Pat Graham, “Sharing Time: Compass of Faith,” Friend, Jun 1987, 12

Let us be faithful to [the Lord] (1 Ne. 7:12).

Suppose that one day your father told you and your family that you were going on a journey. However, he did not know how long you would be gone or where you would be going. You would take only food and tents, and you would have no map to guide you. Would you be willing to follow your father? It would take great faith for you to agree to do what your father asked. Faith is one of the first principles of the gospel.

Read about Lehi’s journey to the promised land in 1 Nephi in the Book of Mormon. (See also calendar, page 24.) Heavenly Father guided Lehi’s family with a strange ball called the Liahona (lee-a-HO-nah). This ball was a kind of compass that worked according to the faith and obedience of Lehi and his family. When they were obedient, the spindles pointed in the direction that they were to travel and to places where they could find food. Writing would also appear on the Liahona to give them additional help. But when they were not faithful, or when they complained and quarreled, the Liahona would not work.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a Liahona to tell us the things that we should do every day? We are told that our conscience can be compared to the Liahona and that our conscience can help us find the right way to live, according to our faith and our obedience to Heavenly Father’s commandments


1. Connect dots to make picture of what Liahona may have looked like

2. Mount figures on heavy paper, cut out; fold tabs along dotted lines.

3. In family home evening, stand up figures as you tell story of journey to promised land. Tell ways that each member of family did, or did not, show faith through their obedience. Do calendar activity on page 24.

Sharing Time Ideas

1. Prepare copies of dot-to-dot for younger children. While they connect dots, use family figures to tell story of Lehi’s journey.

2. Use calendar, page 24. Assign children verses to find and read. Enlarge calendar pictures for children to color. They could be shown in roller-box (see Friend, October 1981, pages 42–43) as verses are read.

3. Sing “True to the Faith” (Hymns, no 254).

4. Other resources: “Our Own Liahona” (Ensign, November 1976, pages 77–79), “The Liahona” (library picture OQ041), “Listen to the Prophet” (activity—Primary Sharing Time Resource Manual, page 65).

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