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Rainier Oregon Stake

Father’s Day Stop Sign

Stopping for Daddy

If you should want a hug, I’ll stop and hug you.
If you should want some help, I’ll stop and help.
And if you see me doing something naughty,
Just tell me and I’ll stop without a yelp.
If you should need a song, I’ll stop and sing one.
If you should need a kiss, that’s what you’ll get.
I’ll gladly stop whatever I am doing
To help the greatest dad I’ve ever met.
If you should need a snack, I’ll stop and fix one.
A listening ear? I’ll stop and give you two.
You’re always there for me, and, dearest Daddy,
I plan on always being there for you.
So if you ever need my full attention,
Hold up this little sign, and there I’ll be.
I’ll always stop for you because I love you—
You taught me how by always loving me.

Father’s Day Stop Sign


Mount pages 30 and 31 on poster board or cardboard. Cut out the stop sign and the Father’s Day card. Glue, or have an older person staple, a paint-stirring stick or dowel to the back of the stop sign, as shown in illustration 1.

Glue your photo onto the card, as shown in illustration 2.

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