LDS Lesson Ideas

Rainier Oregon Stake

Good Shepherd Game

Written by Jennifer Hughes

If a lamb is lost, a good shepherd finds it and brings it back to the fold. Jesus Christ is our Good Shepherd because He rescues us when we are lost. Before playing the Good Shepherd Game, glue this page to poster board and let the glue dry. Color each lamb a different color or a different pattern of colors. Then cut out the lambs. Play the game in family home evening by hiding a lamb and letting a member of the family find it. If you wish, you can bleat “baa” louder or softer as he or she gets closer to or farther from the lost lamb. Let everyone have a turn being the shepherd. Or each family member can take turns finding all nine lambs.

You can play another game called Please Don’t Eat Shawna the Sheep. Lay the sheep on a flat surface. Then place a small candy on each sheep. One family member leaves the room while everyone else chooses one sheep to be Shawna. The person comes back and begins to eat the candies one at a time. When the person tries to eat Shawna, everyone yells, “Don’t eat Shawna!” That person’s turn is over. Replace the eaten candies and let someone else have a turn.

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