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Abinadi and the Ten Commandments

By Sharon Kiser

Complete the puzzle by finding the missing words Abinadi preached to wicked King Noah.


  1. 3.“__________ thy father and thy mother” (Mosiah 13:20).
  2. 7.“Thou shalt not take the __________ of the Lord thy God in vain” (Mosiah 13:15).
  3. 8.“__________ the sabbath day, to keep it holy” (Mosiah 13:16).
  4. 9.“Thou shalt not bow down thyself unto [graven images], nor __________ them” (Mosiah 13:13).
  5. 10.“Thou shalt not __________ “ (Mosiah 13:21).


  1. 1.“Thou shalt not __________ thy neighbor’s house … nor anything that is thy neighbor’s” (Mosiah 13:24).
  2. 2.“Thou shalt not make unto thee any __________ image” (Mosiah 13:12).
  3. 4.“Thou shalt not bear __________ witness against thy neighbor” (Mosiah 13:23).
  4. 5.“Thou shalt not __________ adultery” (Mosiah 13:22).
  5. 6.“Thou shalt not __________” (Mosiah 13:22).


Across—(3) honor, (7) name, (8) remember, (9) serve, (10) kill. Down—(1) covet, (2) graven, (4) false, (5) commit, (6) steal.

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