LDS Lesson Ideas

Rainier Oregon Stake

My Wonderful Senses

By Amber Leigh Greyson

Ten little fingers, ten little toes,
(Wiggle fingers then wiggle toes)
Two eyes, two ears,
(Point to eyes and then ears)
One mouth, and one nose.
(Point to mouth and then nose)
My ten little fingers are busy all day
(Hold up fingers)
Touching and feeling as they work and play.
(Wiggle fingers in air)
My ten little toes like to feel things too—
(Point to feet)
Thick soft grass and very wet muddy goo.
(Make walking motion with feet and pretend to step in mud)
My two eyes see things wherever I turn.
(Point to eyes and turn head back and forth)
My two ears listen and help me learn.
(Cup hands around ears as if to listen)
My mouth helps me taste and talk and sing.
(Point to mouth)
My wonderful nose smells everything.
(Point to nose and take a big sniff)

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