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What Shall I Say When I Pray?

Pat Graham, “Sharing Time: What Shall I Say When I Pray?,” Friend, Jun 1985, 45

Have you ever been asked to pray in front of other people and when you closed your eyes, you couldn’t remember what you wanted to say? If you can see pictures in your mind, they can help you to think of the words that you want to say.

After we begin a prayer by addressing our Father in Heaven, we thank Him for the things we have. Think of all the blessings you have—home, family, friends, the Church, beauties of the earth, and so on. Try to picture in your mind each of these things. When you pray, express gratitude to Heavenly Father for several of them.

Now think of what you would like help with, or that others might need help with. When you pray, ask for help with what is important to you. If you are praying for someone you know, picture him in your mind as you pray, and it will be easier to ask for a blessing for him.

Here is something you can do to help you have pictures in your mind, to help you remember things to say when you pray.


1. Color words and pictures; cut them out.


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