LDS Lesson Ideas

Rainier Oregon Stake

Peaceful Nauvoo

1. Visitors’ Center 12. Print Shop 23. Joseph Smith Store (RLDS)
2. Monument to Women 13. Ivins-Smith Home 24. Joseph Smith Homestead (RLDS)
3. William Weeks Home 14. Times and Seasons Building 25. Nauvoo House (RLDS)
4. Sarah Granger Kimball Home 15. Jonathan Browning Home 26. Mansion House (RLDS)
5. Clark Store 16. Brick Kiln 27. RLDS Visitors’ Center
6. Temple Site 17. Coolidge Home 28. Temple Sunstone
7. Masonic Hall 18. Noble-Lucy Mack Smith home 29. Lorin Farr Home
8. Lucius Scovil Bakery 19. Brigham Young Home 30. David Yearsly Home
9. Windsor P. Lyon Home and Store 20. Blacksmith Shop 31. Orson Hyde Home
10. Wilford Woodruff Home 21. Seventies Hall 32. Nathaniel Ashby-Erastus Snow Duplex
11. Heber C. Kimball Home 22. Montrose Crossing 33. Bishop Knight Home

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