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Family Love

Friend » 1983 » April

Sharing Time:Family Love

By Pat Graham

Pat Graham, “Sharing Time: Family Love,” Friend, Apr 1983, 17

Ye will teach them to love one another, and to serve one another. (Mosiah 4:15.)

Family members can show their love for each other in many ways. Love can be expressed by helping, encouraging, cooperating, listening, and teaching. Having fun together can be another demonstration of love. Think of the loving service you give to your family, and then think of the ways you receive love from them.

Instructions: Color house to look something like your home. Write your address over door. Color picture frames. Cut out house, then cut along dotted lines on each side of door. Also cut out picture strip, and slide it through slits on each side of door. Glue ends of picture strip together (see illustration). Show one picture at a time, and tell how family love and service is shown. You may want to draw strip of your own pictures.

Sharing Time Ideas

1. Enlarge house so that large sheet of paper can fit in front of door.

Illustrated by Karen Sharp Foster

2. Discuss family love with children. Give each each one paper, and ask him to draw picture of some act of love he did for someone in his family or that was done for him. Tape pictures together and show them one at a time through door of house. Let each child tell about his picture.

3. Pictures may be used to introduce the following songs: “Love Is Spoken Here” (Supplement to More Songs for Children, p. 2), “Family Night” (Sing with Me, D-12), “Family Night Is Fun” (Activity Songs and Verses, p. 18).

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