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Be Grateful for the Sacrament

Pat Graham, “Sharing Time: Be Grateful for the Sacrament,” Friend, Nov 1987, 22

The sacrament is a blessing, and we can show our gratitude for it by being reverent as the sacrament is being prepared and passed. Being reverent during the sacrament includes thinking about Jesus and what He taught us. By taking the sacrament, we show that we are willing to keep the commandments and always remember Him.

Jesus Christ has revealed the ordinance of the sacrament on several different occasions. Cut out scripture references and pictures. Study the scriptures listed, then put each one with the picture that it tells about. Color the pictures and put them in the order in which you think they happened. At your next family home evening, use the pictures and scriptures to tell about the sacrament.

Illustrated by Beth M. Whittaker

Luke 22:19–20 3 Ne. 18:6–11 D&C 59:9 D&C 20:75–79

Sharing Time Ideas

1. Make copy of this page for each child. Explain pictures one by one as children are coloring.

2. Discuss appropriate behavior during sacrament.

3. Read sacrament prayers (D&C 20:77, 79). Help children discover promises that they are making as they take sacrament. What promise does Heavenly Father make?

4. Enlarge each picture, and use to introduce songs, such as “The Sacrament” (More Songs for Children, page 16), “A Sacrament Song” (Sing with Me, C-1), “I Want to Be Reverent” (More Songs for Children, page 21), and “To Think About Jesus” (Sing with Me, B-55).

5. Adapt line 7 of poem “King of Me” (Sharing Time Resource Manual, page 145) to say: “And when it is time for the sacrament. …

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