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Rainier Oregon Stake

Spencer W. Kimball

“Spencer W. Kimball,” Friend, Nov 1993, 5

Latter-day Prophets (puzzle-coloring page)

Art from Presidents of the Church coloring book: courtesy of Grandin Book, Orem, Utah

Instructions: Cut out the puzzle squares, put them together to create a picture of this prophet, and read some of the highlights of his life. Glue the picture, its title, and the highlights to another piece of paper, and color it.

1895 March 28, is born in Salt Lake City, Utah1898 (age 3) Moves with family to Thatcher, Arizona

1898–1905 (age 3–10) Suffers from typhoid fever, facial paralysis, and a near drowning

1906 (age 11) Mother dies

1909 (age 14) Teaches a Sunday School class

1914–16 (age 19–21) Serves a mission in the Central States Mission

1917 (age 22) Marries Camilla Eyring

1927 (age 32) Establishes insurance and real estate agency in Safford, Arizona

1936 (age 41) Is elected leader of the Arizona Rotary Club

1938 (age 42) Is called to serve as president of the Mount Graham Stake in Arizona

1943 (age 48) Is called to be an Apostle

1946 (age 51) Receives the assignment from President George Albert Smith to work with the Indians

1946–50 (age 51–55) Supervises missionary work in South America; begins missionary work among the Indians of the Andes

1968 (age 73) Is named Supervisor of the missions in Great Britain

1973 (age 78) Is sustained as President of the Church

1974 (age 79) Dedicates the Washington (D.C.) Temple

1978 (age 83) Receives a revelation extending the priesthood to all worthy male members; dedicates the São Paulo Temple1979 (age 84) Oversees publication of the LDS edition of the King James version of the Bible

1980 (age 85) Dedicates the Tokyo Temple and the Seattle Temple

1981 (age 86) Oversees publication of the new edition of the Triple Combination

1985 (age 90) November 5, dies in Salt Lake City, Utah

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