LDS Lesson Ideas

Rainier Oregon Stake

David O. McKay

“David O. McKay,” Friend, Aug 1993, 11

Latter-day Prophets (puzzle-coloring page)

Instructions: Cut out the puzzle squares, put them together to create a picture of this prophet, and read some of the highlights of his life. Glue the picture, its title, and the highlights to another piece of paper, and color it.

1873 September 8, is born in Huntsville, Utah

1897 (age 24) Graduates from the University of Utah; was class president and valedictorian

1897–99 (age 24–26) Serves a mission to Great Britain

1899 (age 26) Becomes a faculty member at Weber Stake Academy (Utah)

1901 (age 27) Marries Emma Ray Riggs

1906 (age 32) Is ordained an Apostle; becomes the second assistant superintendent of the Sunday School

1917 (age 44) Writes his first book, Ancient Apostles

1918–34 (age 45–61) Serves as general superintendent of the Sunday School

1919–21 (age 46–48) Is Church commissioner of education

1920–21 (age 47–48) Makes a tour of missions worldwide

1922–24 (age 49–51) Serves as president of the European Mission

1934–51 (age 61–77) Serves as Second Counselor in the First Presidency

1951 (age 77) Is sustained as President of the Church

1955 (age 82) Dedicates the Swiss Temple

1956 (age 82) Dedicates the Los Angeles (California) Temple

1958 (age 84) Dedicates the New Zealand Temple, the Church College of New Zealand, the London Temple, and the Church College of Hawaii

1961 (age 88) Overseas the beginning of the Church correlation effort

1964 (age 91) Dedicates the Oakland (California) Temple

1970 (age 96) January 18, dies

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